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Tuesday, 07 September 2021
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USAKTI Mining Engineering Student Wins Champion in Youth Mining Camp Competition

Youth Mining Camp Competition 2021 (YMCC 2021) is a competition activity in the mining sector organized by the Mining Engineering Student Association of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta, in this Championship USAKTI Mining Engineering Students won 2nd place and 3rd place.

Congratulations to the 2nd Place Mining Engineering Achievement Student – Alther Apps in the 2021 Youth Mining Competition

  1. Rani Ayu Rorosati (073001700050)
  2. Rachmaputri F. (073001700048)
  3. Nyoman Selvia (073001800044)
  4. Kristian nanda (073001800028)

and 3rd place in the Mine Plan Design Competition

  1. Alit Amirullah S. (073001700003)
  2. M. Risyad Hakim S. (073001700045)
  3. Silvia Imanuela (073001800058)
  4. Sekar Tika Sari (073001800057)
  5. Naufal Arsyi (073001800039)