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Monday, 24 January 2022
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Although the pandemic did not prevent the routine field activities carried out by the Usakti Mining Engineering Study Program from being carried out. Again, the Mining Engineering Study Program held an Introduction to Earth and Energy Technology Excursion. This year’s field excursion was again held online considering the implementation of PPKM Level 2 in the regions. The Mining Engineering Study Program excursion activity is visiting the Geology Museum which is located on Jl. Diponegoro Bandung is Virtual. The event, which was named the “Virtual Tour of the Geology Museum”, was one of the excursion activities given by the Mining Engineering Study Program to students.

The event was opened by a guide from the Geology Museum and continued with remarks by the Head of the Usakti Mining Engineering Study Program, Dr. Ir. Irfan Marwanza, ST, MT, HDI. In his remarks, the Head of Study Program expressed his gratitude to the Head of the Bandung Geology Museum, Mr. Iwan Kurniawan, ST. And the supervisor of this PTKE course, Ms. Mixsindo Korra H., ST, MT. This activity is intended for first semester students who take the Introduction to Earth and Energy Technology course. The aim is to get information directly related to technological advances to get energy, as well as the big role of energy for technological progress in accordance with predetermined learning outcomes, namely increasing student knowledge in the field of earth and energy technology.

For 3 hours, the event guide, Kak Cecep and resource person, Mrs. Agustina Jafar will guide students to enjoy the thrill of this Geological Museum Virtual Tour. The resource person is an expert guide at the Bandung Geological Museum who is in the documentation and conservation section. The virtual tour guide will invite these 72 participants to learn about Indonesia’s geological space and the benefits of geological disaster maps. The virtual tour event started by introducing a mock-up of the earth. From here, participants were given an explanation of the parts of the earth’s layers, the lines on the mock-up that explained the boundaries of plate encounters. After that the guide explained related to the collections owned by the Geological Museum, starting with examples of rocks, both rocks from outer space, such as meteorites and those on earth. such as igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks, examples of minerals such as native elements, sulfides or phosphates, etc. Various kinds of collections owned were shown to participants accompanied by explanations related to the collections owned. In addition to the collections, the Geology Museum also displays displays related to the formation of the solar system and films as a form of visualization of the formation of the solar system.

The activity which lasted for 3 hours attracted the attention of the participants as evidenced by the many questions that came in and the exciting discussion session held at the end of the event. In addition, the Geology Museum also provides door prizes for participants who can answer correctly and quickly the questions asked by the event guide. With this door prize, it adds to the excitement of the Virtual Tour being held. Until the end of the event, the event went smoothly and was as successful as expected.

So, look forward to the next similar event and stay with the Mining Engineering Study Program to keep getting updates related to information related to earth and energy technology.

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