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Monday, 24 January 2022
By: Admin

Online Education and Training on “Underground Coal Mine Safety Technology” in the midst of a pandemic

Mining Engineering Study Program at Trisakti University again held a training in collaboration with the Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) and the Geology, Mineral, and Coal Human Resources Development Center (PPSDM Geominerba) with the theme “Safety Technology for Underground Coal Mining”. This JOGMEC Training event was held online again and was the fifth time the training was held. This event will last for 4 days, from January 24-27, 2022, starting at 08.00 WIB – 16.00 WIB. This event invited speakers from JOGMEC, among others, Mr. Tsutomu Tanaka, Mr. Shinji Togawa, Mr. Yoshihisa Shimoda, Mr. Atsushi Kakizaki, Prof. (Emeritus) Kikuo Matsui (Guest Lecture from Kyushu University) with 3 translators Santoso Nugroho, Asep Mulyadi and Ruslan. Besides that, he also invited Wanda Adinugraha as a widyaiswara from PPSDM Geominerba. This training activity was opened by the presenter, then continued with remarks from the Dean of FTKE, Dr. Ir. Muhammad Burhannudinnur, M.Sc., IPM. In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to the speakers who have taken the time and opportunity to provide training on Underground Coal Mine Safety Technology to FTKE students. It is hoped that this event can be held well and the participants can listen to suggestions and also all the knowledge that has been given by the resource persons during this event.

The event, which was attended by 52 participants from students and lecturers in the Mining Engineering Study Program, began with an explanation of the training curriculum for the next 4 days and an explanation of the Ikhesima underground coal mine, which is an underwater coal mine in Japan, to be precise. Ikhesima Island and became the world’s first underwater mining by Mr. Shimoda. After that the material was continued by Mr. Matsui deals with mining technology and underground mine safety in this first day. The second day continued with the presentation of material by 3 speakers. The first resource person will explain related to the Indonesian Mining Safety Law and Regulations. Mr. Kakizaki as the second resource person will explain about knowledge of underground coal mining and experience of underground coal mining in Indonesia as well as evaluation of mining economy. The second day will be ended by Mr. Togawa will present material on ventilation technology.

The third day resumed the material on ventilation technology by Mr. Togawa. As well as new material related to mining tunnel fire prevention technology and evacuation drills using mine maps with the same resource person. Other resource persons will present material on self-combustion prevention technology and prevention of coal gas & dust explosion by Mr. Tanaka. On the fourth day, Mr. Tanaka will continue to deliver material on safety activities and provide case studies related to mining accidents. As well as the provision of coal preparation by Mr. Shimoda. Followed by a question and answer session and discussion as well as a final understanding test to student participants. After that, the training organizer also asked the participants to fill out a final questionnaire to evaluate this implementation and it ended with the closure of the Mining Engineering Study Program.

Of course, all the series of events for the next 4 days are expected to run well and smoothly and can be utilized as well as possible by students who take part in this training activity. Hopefully in the future the Trisakti Mining Engineering Study Program will continue to be given the opportunity to continue to receive this training so that the collaboration between Jogmec, PPSDM Geominerba and Trisakti Mining Engineering Study Program will continue.

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