Coal Analysis Laboratory

Coal Analysis Laboratory

Coal Quality Analysis Laboratory
Coal Quality Analysis Laboratory is one of the laboratories owned by the Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology and one of the supporting facilities in Teaching and Learning Activities of the Mining Engineering Department of Trisakti University related to the following subjects:

  1. Coal
  2. Coal Preparation
  3. Coal Utilization Technology

In this laboratory, students will be guided directly by student assistants and analysts in the laboratory to carry out practical activities. In addition to student practicum, this laboratory can also be used by students to conduct their Final Project research.

The materials for the Coal Quality Analysis Practicum provided are:

  1. Determination of Water Content
  2. Determination of Ash Content
  3. Determination of Volatile Matter
  4. Determination of Calorific Value using Bomb Calorimeter LECO AC 500
  5. Determination of Sulfur Levels
  6. Determination of Carbon & Hydrogen Content
  7. Determination of Nitrogen Content
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